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About Robert

Headshot of Robert O'Leary: visible from the shoulders up, a man in a sweater, shirt, and tie stands in front of a background of green leaves and yellow flowers.

As the Outreach and Digital Initiatives Librarian at the New Mexico Supreme Court Law Library, I supported legal fairs by providing computer access to several legal research platforms for the attorneys. I also setup and monitored the library's video conferencing to allow attorneys to assist distant clients. In digital collections, I evaluated digital repository management systems and book scanners, selected one of each, installed both, and customized the repository's code for the library. In addition, I updated the library's website to basic HTML5 compliant code, and used media queries to optimize display on mobile devices. I also translated the main pages into Spanish.

Before, as a Fellow at the University of Arizona' Law Library, I worked at the Reference and Circulation Desks and in Digital Collections. I also researched legal issues for faculty members. In Digital Collections, I created the University of Arizona Law Deans’ Reports. For this collection, I selected and scanned the items, processed the images, adapted the metadata schema of the College of Law’s Archive, and entered all the metadata. I also created the College of Law’s Virtual Map.

I'm also interested in telling stories with information found doing legal research.


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I am a storyteller, librarian, and a legal research specialist. This site serves as my blog and online résumé.

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