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Bring the Legal Fair Online to Serve Distant Communities

May 24, 2014

Legal fairs further access to justice by getting people free legal advice, but because they tend to happen in urban areas they exclude those who live in rural communities. Use video-conferencing to bring your next legal fair to a rural community to further access to justice in your state even more.

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Responsive Web Design or Separate Mobile Site

July 23, 2013

Why force mobile users to choose between seeing the data-intensive responsive version of a website and not seeing the website at all? The answer may be that one shouldn’t: make a mobile website as well.

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Social Media and a Professional Web-Presence

March 12, 2013

Social media makes it easy to get help in online user-support communities, but all your questions (even the really newbie ones) become a permanent google-able record. Does social media’s record hurt your professional web-presence?

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I am a storyteller, librarian, and a legal research specialist. This site serves as my blog and online résumé.

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